Sunday, June 4, 2023


WATCH: The View Hosts CUT OFF Unvaxxed Conservative Guest for Sharing COVID Facts

Unvaccinated Conservative guest Jedediah Bila goes on the View to share REAL CDC Covid-19 information that the View hosts claim is misinformation

Congress Introduces Legislation to Protect Americans From Biden’s Vaccine Mandates

In response to Joe Biden's federal vaccine mandates, Republicans in Congress are quickly moving to curb medical tyranny through legislation. The bill is being led by Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) along with 21 members who have co-sponsored the Freedom from Mandates Act, which the...

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Federal Government Whistleblower Goes Public With Secret Covid Vaccine Recordings

BREAKING PART 1: Federal Govt @HHSgov Whistleblower Goes Public with Secret Recordings "Government Doesn’t Want...

This College Sounds More Like PRISON, Toughest Covid Restrictions In The Country

Brace yourselves. This college's new Covid restrictions are almost too insane to be real and sounds more like a prison than a school.

Florida School Districts Continue To Defy DeSantis On Mask Mandate

10 Florida school districts have now defied Governor DeSantis's executive order that prevents schools from mandating masks sparking legal battle

Australia Has Begun Building Secret COVID Concentration Camps

Australia has begun building "quarantine" concentration camps at Wellcamp Airport near Toowoomba to isolate and detain Covid patients

Gov. Kathy Hochul: NY Will Require Masks For Everyone In Schools

Hochul, on her first day, said she will direct the state Department of Health to require universal masking in schools inside the buildings.

FDA Approval ILLEGAL? Doctor Claims Pfizer Insert Proves Criminal Violations!

FDA Approval may give lawyers MORE AMMUNITION to fight mandates and the Pfizer injections from being pushed onto your KIDS!

A NYC Restaurant Manager Refuses To Comply With Proof Of Vaccination Rules

Mary Josephine Generoso, who manages the eatery in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn in NYC says she will NOT discriminate, and her doors are open to all.

Tennessee Governor Signs EO Allowing Parents To “Opt-Out” Of Mask Mandates

Gov. Bill Lee signed an executive order Monday that allows parents across the state to “opt-out” of mask mandates imposed by school districts.

A Doctor Responds To That Mt. Vernon School Board Video That’s Gone Viral

Here's what one Doctor has to say about that Mt. Vernon School Board Video that's gone viral on social media.

DeSantis To Go After Norwegian Cruise Line And Appeal Court Ruling on Vaccine Passports

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis plans to appeal a ruling from a federal judge, who sided with Norwegian Cruise Line’s vaccine requirements.

The Pentagon Will Require That All Troops Get The COVID-19 Vaccine By September 15th

The Pentagon has left all 1.4 million members of the United States military with no choice. They must be vaccinated by Sept. 15th.

DeSantis Moves To Withhold Paychecks of School Officials Who Implement Mask Mandates

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on Monday moved to punish local officials who ignore his executive order which prohibits mask mandates in the state’s schools.

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Pennsylvania Resident Charged With Threatening To Kill Biden, Trump

A Somali man residing in Pennsylvania has been indicted for threatening to kill President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump.

CHECKMATE: Elon Musk Secures $46.5 Billion To Fund A Possible Hostile Twitter Bid

Musk has secured $ 46.5 billion (£ 35.6 billion) to fund a possible hostile bid for Twitter and is putting $ 21 billion of his money as part of the package.

OUCH! Mike Tyson Pummels Man In The Face Onboard A Jet Blue Flight

Mike Tyson loses it onboard a JetBlue flight after being antagonized by an obnoxious passenger and ends up pummeling him in the face.

Black American Murders Spike, Biden Gets His A$$ Kicked, Trump, Russia, And More!

Black American murders spike 30% in 2020, Joe Biden gets his ass kicked by a federal judge, Russia, Trump, and more!