Thursday, June 1, 2023


Red States Hitting Back Against Critical Race Theory… AND WINNING!

Several states have taken up the fight against critical race theory in the education system, including Louisiana, Florida, Texas and Tennessee, among others.

Trump To Speak LIVE AT CPAC This Afternoon In Orlando, Florida 3:40 PM

Donald Trump is back in action Sunday afternoon down in Orlando, Florida! He will be speaking at 3:40 as the main event for CPAC 2021.

Trump To Speak At CPAC 2021 Next Week In First Public Appearance Post Presidency

Trump will speak at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando, Florida, next week — making his first public appearance since he left office.

Matt Gaetz Is Calling It… DeSantis 2024, IF Trump Doesn’t Run For President

Rep. Matt Gaetz on Sunday floated a potential presidential bid by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis... IF Trump Doesn't Run For President in 2024.

Biden LIES Again… Wants To Cancel Florid? Not On Governor DeSantis’s Watch!

Biden's latest executive order now allows transgender athletes to compete against girls in high school sports. Did Biden just cancel Women?

DeSantis Goes After “Big Tech Cartel”… Threatens To Fine Them $100,000 Per Day!

In an effort to keep Big Tech out of Florida’s political sphere, DeSantis proposed a number of measures including a $100,000 daily fine for companies that deplatform political candidates.

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Pennsylvania Resident Charged With Threatening To Kill Biden, Trump

A Somali man residing in Pennsylvania has been indicted for threatening to kill President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump.

CHECKMATE: Elon Musk Secures $46.5 Billion To Fund A Possible Hostile Twitter Bid

Musk has secured $ 46.5 billion (£ 35.6 billion) to fund a possible hostile bid for Twitter and is putting $ 21 billion of his money as part of the package.

OUCH! Mike Tyson Pummels Man In The Face Onboard A Jet Blue Flight

Mike Tyson loses it onboard a JetBlue flight after being antagonized by an obnoxious passenger and ends up pummeling him in the face.

Black American Murders Spike, Biden Gets His A$$ Kicked, Trump, Russia, And More!

Black American murders spike 30% in 2020, Joe Biden gets his ass kicked by a federal judge, Russia, Trump, and more!